Power Cleaner Pro: cleaning alloy rims does not get any easier!

With the arrival of the winter season, weather agents can damage vehicle surfaces or cause driving issues.

In particular, the cleaning of alloy rims can be difficult and sometimes very tiring, but a timely intervention will protect them from corrosion.
Is it possible to clean these surfaces without effort and without the risk of scratching them? The answer is yes, and it is thanks to the nanotechnology of Coverplast products.

Cover Power Cleaner Pro is a highly concentrated detergent, formulated to remove any kind of dirt, including oils, grease, tar, waxes, smog and soot. It is the result of significant research in the field of automotive innovation created specifically for cleaning car rims and engines.

Cover Power Cleaner Pro not only facilitate the cleaning of car rims, it will also make them look like new for timeless shine.

For more information: info@coverplast.eu