Real Estate – Nanotechnology treatment

Coverplast’s nanotechnology-based products are the perfect solution for the treatment of surfaces in the real estate sector, protecting indoor and outdoor environments in a long-lasting fashion. Our products protect the surfaces against weather agents and contaminants such as smog, mould, limestone, germs, toxins and offer a permanent anti-graffiti solution. Finally, our products allow treating indoor environments guaranteeing deep sanitation and hygiene.

  • Indoor environments sanitation
  • Protection against pollution
  • Reduced maintenance
  • structures remain breathable


Cover Nano Concrete Protect

A solution with very high penetration for the hydrophobic treatment of masonry and anti-corrosive treatment of metal parts of reinforced concrete.

Cover Nano Graphprotect

A protective treatment solution against graffiti on concrete, bricks, concrete masonry units and natural stone. It protects surfaces allowing the easy removal of a wide variety of graffiti, such as spray paint, permanent marker, ink, bituminous paints, asphalt sealants, and other solvent or water-based paints.

Cover Nano Hydrowood/Concrete

Water-based solution with very high penetration for the hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment of natural or impregnated wood, fabrics, paper and concrete.

Cover Nano Stopconcrete

A very high penetration solution for the hydrophobic treatment of masonry.

Cover Nano Photoglass

Aqueous dispersion of photocatalytic titanium functionalised for the treatment of glassy surfaces exposed to sunlight. The glass becomes self-cleaning thanks to the photocatalysis and superhydrophilicity induced by exposure to UV rays.

Cover Nano Hydroglass

A nanomaterial and nanomolecule-based alcohol suspension for the hydrophobic treatment of glass surfaces. The product modifies the glass surface creating a super-hydrophobic effect. The water droplets roll away fast leaving the glass dry.

Cover Nano Purimold Protect

Aqueous dispersion of nanometre silver with antibacterial properties in combination with functionalised titanium with photocatalytic properties. The combination of these two substances provides an anti-mould and purifying effect.