Coverplast offers a series of high-quality nanotechnology-based products that protect the various vehicle surfaces and offer long-lasting water-repellent, anti-stain and anti-scratch protection preventing at the same time ice adherence, reflection and glare when driving, protecting also from other external agents and ensuring clear visibility in difficult weather conditions.


Coverplast offers a range of excellent nanotechnology-based products that make the surfaces of boats and ships (portholes, sails, hull, etc.) water and oil-repellent, with anti-salt and anti-stain effect. They protect the treated parts from ageing and ensure cleaning of all materials and permanent shine.


Coverplast offers a series of high quality nanotechnology-based products designed to protect industrial equipment and machinery against ageing and corrosion. They keep surfaces clean and shiny for a long time delaying the need for maintenance.


Coverplast’s nanotechnology-based products are the perfect solution for the treatment of surfaces in the real estate sector, protecting indoor and outdoor environments in a long-lasting fashion. Coverplast products guarantee full protection against weather agents and contaminants such as smog, mould, limestone, germs, toxins and offer a permanent anti-graffiti solution. Finally, our products allow treating indoor environments guaranteeing deep sanitation and hygiene.


Coverplast offers a revolutionary and unique approach to this sector showing how new ideas and solutions can open up unexplored opportunities.