Nautical sector – Painting

Coverplast offers a full range of excellent products that make the surfaces of boats and ships (portholes, sails, hull, etc.) water and oil-repellent, with anti-salt and anti-stain effect. They protect the treated parts from ageing and ensure cleaning of all materials and permanent shine, while offering a unique and exclusive colour palette choice for the sector.


  • fast and easy cleaning
  • less maintenance needed
  • saving of products necessary for daily cleaning,
  • better aerodynamic performance
  • structures remain breathable

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Sliding self-cleaning paint
Long lasting antifouling effect
Metal free
High UV resistance
Suitable for fibreglass and alloy surfaces
Nanotech product


Crystal Boat changes how to protect the hull from vegetation, a paint that saves time and money to shipowners. The surface layer of the paint, given these characteristics, does not favour the adhesion of the vegetation and, thanks to the friction produced by the speed of the boat in the water, facilitates the removal of vegetation and algae which, in case of extended stops, would inevitably cling to the hull. This paint, which is non-exfoliating, can be cleaned as often as desired  without thinning the paint during operation.

Basically, this type of paint offers two very interesting advantages:

  1. Protection from osmosis: almost complete protection from humidity, just as standard anti-osmotic treatments do;
  2. Anti-galvanic insulation: an insulating layer protects the vessel from galvanic currents.

Crystal Boat is also tested to withstand impacts of up to 4 Newton and is solvent resistant.

A single coat of paint on the surface is sufficient and does not need primer to adhere to the surface of the hull. The paint does not need thinners and is split into two elements A (paint) and B (hardener), these must be combined according to a 1:1 ratio. If the paint is applied by spraying, the yield is 12 m²/L while if it is applied with a roller brush, as in our case, it is 10 m²/L.


2k paint for propellers, propeller shaft and engine foot
Antifouling effect
Anti galvanic currents
Direct adhesion on alloys and steel

Crystal Prop is a self-cleaning, biocide-free, non-exfoliating, long-lasting paint.  With its application you can obtain a hard and slippery surface that works in the same way as an antifouling agent. In fact, the vegetation does not adhere to the paint and is removed thanks to the friction produced by the flow of water. Crystal Prop does not need a primer. Crystal Prop differs from other products thanks to its greater clinging power.  This makes it particularly suitable for application on mechanically moving parts and to resist propeller cavitation. It is also compatible with all types of metals. The Crystal Prop kit consists of two bottles, containing paint and hardener, which must be combined according to a 1:1 ratio. For proper mixing, shake the bottle containing the paint very well. This is a single coat application that can be carried out either by brush or spray.

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