Goodbye scratches on the car: here’s Crystal Clear anti-scratch paint

The cladding sector often presents new challenges that require new technical answers, and this is why Coverplast constantly innovates and invests in research and innovation.
Specialised in the manufacturing of paints for body shops and for the construction and naval sectors, the Milan-based company wished to develop new technologies specifically for these sectors.

And here’s Crystal Clear: an anti-scratch paint that, thanks to the use of nano hybrid reticular particles at the microscopic level, provides surfaces with high resistance to scratches and minor dents. The new silane-based technology, consisting of inorganic/organic hybrids, makes Crystal Clear a leading product in for the sector.

But what exactly does “scratch resistance” mean?
It is measured using a gloss-meter (loss of gloss).  Scratch resistance is a unique measurement of how mechanical damage to the surface has improved.

Fully transparent, it seems a product of the future. Crystal Clear can make surfaces water-repellent, scratch-resistant, weather-resistant and UV-resistant,” Gian Andrea Moltrasio said.

Now the automotive sector has a brighter future.

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