Our company was founded in 1972 as a manufacturer of paints under the name “Coverplast“. The dedicated development activity and tireless R&D work to achieve extraordinary quality immediately made our products stand out and allowed us to expand our range of products and fields of application.

The innovative and customisable nature of our products allowed, over time, to establish cooperation and supply arrangements with some of the most renowned companies in Italy and abroad, thus bringing our company to the forefront of innovation in a variety of sectors, among which the automotive, textile, real estate, nautical and alternative energy sectors.

In the last five years, the excellent results in the field of research led to the need to create a corporate group and split the corporate operation in two internal divisions: the former holding the original name Coverplast, specialised in manufacturing special paints; the latter, Covernanotech, specialised in the design of cleaning and treatment products that make use of applied nanotechnology. Nowadays, Coverplast boasts high-performance solutions and high quality products that allow us to be present on the main international markets.


For us, quality means following with care and attention each step of the manufacturing process, choosing and checking the raw materials, constantly investing in R&D, integrating new technologies and manufacturing everything in compliance with the highest standards of quality.

In fact, our company monitors every step of the process: from design to quality control, to packaging and logistics. Thanks to this strict monitoring of processes and high customisation of the manufacturing processes, we were granted the ISO 9001/2015 certification and implemented the ISO 45001:2018 standards.

Nowadays, thanks to a wide network of agents and distributors, our products are available in all the main markets worldwide.


Our R&D labs and manufacturing plant are located in our facility in Arluno (MI) . This allow us to monitor every step of the process: from design to quality control, to packaging and logistics.

Plants and machinery are certified according to the highest international standards and thanks to our maintenance team, operation is guaranteed 24/7 even for complex situations.


In compliance with the transparency and disclosure requirements established by the Law No. 124 dated 4 August 2017, article 1, paragraphs 125-129 (as amended by the Law Decree No. 34 dated 30.04.2019) that made mandatory for companies to “publish on their websites or similar digital portals, by 30 June every year, the information related to contributions, subsidies, benefits, grants or aids, in cash or in kind, not of a general nature and not of a reciprocal, remunerative or compensatory nature, actually paid out to them in the previous fiscal year by the public administration”, reports the details and the related amounts below:

Issuing AgencyGrant valueFile statusDateRegulatory reference
Stato Italiano37.667,89Compensated30/12/2018Ricerca & sviluppo L.190 e SMI 2017
Stato Italiano27.002,00Compensated30/12/2019Ricerca & sviluppo L.190 e SMI 2017
INAIL64.220,00Disbursed11/03/2020Bando ISI INAIL 2017