CarCoverplast  has more than 25 years of experience in this field means that it can guarantee important factors like gloss, resistance, durability, rapidity, efficiency and ease of use, leaving the car body shop to concentrate on other aspects… Whether you need training on products or support for your business, our Company and our family have the expertise and the resources to meet your requirements.

IndustryChemistry as the key to development, a sector geared towards added value, science fuelling progress: by harnessing these ideas, we put our “know-how” and our equipment at the service of a demanding and ever-changing market by providing quality chemical products. Safety and reliability, not only in our range, but also in our service, with a staff of professionals on-hand to assist the customer with everyday tasks through concrete technical, administrative and regulatory support. An on-going commitment to ensure that the products and consultation provided always stand for innovation and progress.

HouseDesign, the element which gave us an introduction into a new world, the combination of chemical development and professional expertise in the fields of style and interior design. Innovation and development in our chemical expertise have created an unprecedented method of chemical silver-plating and gilding which is easy to use with amazing results. The transformation of any basic unrefined object into a unique, pure, silver-plated item (Certified) lets us open the door to new partnerships in new sectors.

Car_RunA chemical reaction of silver nitrate allows you to get a mirror chrome finish on any surface. This is a revolution in the field of painting as it is characterized by mirror effect, excellent adhesion to any surface and support. It’s perfect for decoration and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. From today, we can say “goodbye” to galvanic systems of the past and we can welcome coverchrome, i.e. our next generation system that is a much more flexible and much more ecological to obtain beautiful chrome finish.